Piotr Rudzinski aka Niebieski Robi Kreski NKR

Piotr Rudziński pseudonim artystyczny NIEBIESKI ROBI KRESKI NKR artysta i performer, który posługuje się specyficznym stylem artystycznym. Zaczął tworzyć bardzo wcześnie – w wieku szkolnym, inspirując się graffiti i sztuką ulicy. Swoje prace prezentował na wystawach zarówno w Polsce, jak i zagranicą.
wyróżnia się charakterystycznym stylem który trudno pomylić z kimkolwiek innym. Zaczął tworzyć już w wieku szkolnym inspirując się głównie graffiti i sztuką ulicy. Z biegiem czasu jego świadomość wyostrzyła się, a on sam zaczął eksperymentować z innymi nurtami sztuki. Tworzy okładki dla muzyków, pracuje nad plakatami teatralnymi i filmowymi, swoje projekty przenosi na ubrania, tworzy scenografię.

Anna Szejdewik aka Coxie

Anna Szejdewik aka Coxie – a painter frequently operating in the public space. In 2006, she graduated from the Painting and Interior Design Department of the Faculty of Arts  at the University of Zielona Gora. Presently she lives and works in Wroclaw. She is associated with Zielona Gora and Wroclaw circles of street artists. A woman, girl, child – these are the main themes of her painting and murals. Coxie easily combines comic book aesthetics with a realistic portrait, painting, and design. Her works, seemingly trivial, colourful, and making use of a characteristic graphic language touch upon grave issues, from feminism, femininity, and sensitivity  to animal rights.


Stanisław SZUM Szumski

Stanisław “SZUM” Szumski, born in 1992 in Gdansk, lives in Michałowice near Szklarska Poręba,
Frequently, he starts from a coincidence and, taming it, he launches into a story where the tale comes first to be then recounted by image.
He is of the opinion that we are all born creative and capable while the problem lies in the burden of limitations and filters which we get overgrown with with every passing day and thus it is difficult to keep sensitivity and freshness of a child, both in art and life alike,
Public spaces, or spaces on the less public but more forgotten side, where he paints murals, are the main area of his operation.


Wojciech OTECKI Kołacz

On everyday basis, he works in graphic arts and illustration. Since the end of the 1990’s, he has embarked on the adventure with intervention into urban space. He paints murals, displays paper works produced using traditional graphic techniques, posts small sculptures. All these actions are very discreet, thus becoming subtly inscribed within the chaotic tissue of the city.

He is a graphic arts graduate of the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts (a diploma at the studio of Professor Eugeniusz- Get Stankiewicz).

The artist conducts graphics workshops at the Agora Culture Centre in Wrocław. In private, he runs a small screen printing studio.


Sławomir ZBK Czajkowski

Born in 1982, in 2006, he graduated from the Faculty of Art Education of the University of Zielona Góra where he studied at the studio of Ryszard Woźniak. The young artist, mentioned among the most interesting street art creators, is known for his numerous actions both at home and abroad, e.g. in Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, or the USA. In 2009, he won the Grand Prix of the 9th Geppert’s Competition for Polish debutant painters. Also in 2009, he received the Grant of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. He lives and works in Warsaw.

Link to artist site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zbiokosky/page1/